Carpet Installation

carpet installation frisco tx Carpet installation is a specialty at Flooring Frisco TX. We carry all the top brands as well as quality wholesale products that are very popular. We install all grades of carpet so we are sure to cater to your taste as well as your budget.

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Hardwood Floors

hardwood floors frisco tx Hardwood floors is one of our major specialties that we like to offer. We carry an entire suite of hardwood flooring styles, colors, and brands. Wood floors give your home a luxury look and increases its value. Contact us today.

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Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring frisco tx We carry a large selection of laminate floors that closely resemble the hardwood look. We have laminate floor products from the major manufactures as well as some wholesale products. Laminates are less expensive alternative to hardwood.

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A Frisco Flooring company you can trust

Whether you have just moved into your home in the beautiful City of Frisco TX or have lived there for many years, the flooring is one of the most valuable aspects of your property. However, even the best flooring will wear down over time. Here at Flooring Frisco TX we specialize in all aspects of flooring. For over 20 years we have been providing Frisco flooring services for residential and commercial. Contact us 7 days a week for a free estimate on carpeting, hardwood floors, laminate, and tile flooring. Flooring Company Frisco TX

The services Flooring Frisco TX provides

Our company provides the best in high quality flooring and carpeting products and services for the greater Frisco TX area. We offer three basic types of flooring, hardwood, tile and laminate and also carpeting to fit your needs.  In addition to providing these products, we can also install them into your home or residences as well.  Our team of professional installers is well experienced with all types of flooring and carpeting installation to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


There is nothing like walking on soft, beautiful carpet in your home. We provide the best selection of types, colors and patterns of carpeting at low, affordable prices which are designed to meet your budget needs. Our carpeting is high quality, durable and designed to last for many years with the proper maintenance. There is nothing like the feel of warm carpeting in the winter months when you are walking around your home. Plus, you can choose the right type of carpeting that is best for your needs and budget thanks to our extensive selection.

carpet Frisco TX

Hardwood Floors:

We provide the hardwood Frisco, TX residents expect for its high quality, style, durability and longevity. We offer three basic types of flooring, traditional hardwood and tile and laminate flooring which is perfect for every room in your home. This traditional type of flooring is easy to maintain while retaining its luster over the years. Many people enjoy having this type of flooring which will compliment your residence while adding to its value.

hardwood floors Frisco TX


While most people think of tile flooring for the bathroom or kitchen, it is well suited for other rooms in your home as well. Easy to clean and maintain, we provide good, solid tile flooring in many different colors, patterns and styles.

tile floors Frisco TX


Laminate is composite-type flooring that offers many of the same benefits as hardwood but at a more budget-friendly price. However, many people choose laminate flooring because of its beauty and easy maintenance. Laminate floors can also resemble hardwood very closely while being more cost effective.

Laminate Floors Frisco TX

Why Choose Flooring Frisco TX?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose our services when it comes to purchasing and installing flooring or carpeting into your home. For over two decades we have been providing flooring Frisco TX business owners and residents have enjoyed for the value it brings to their properties.

Free In-Home Estimate: When you call our offices, our friendly, courteous staff will gladly explain all of our products and services as well as answer all of your questions about what we can do for your flooring needs. As part of that service, we offer a free in-home estimate of what it would take to fulfill your flooring needs. All we do is take down a little information and then we send a representative to your home to make sure that our free estimate is accurate. During our visit, we cover everything that you want included in the installation process and answer questions about our services. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges with us. Our free estimate allows you to make the best informed decision about whether to choose our products and services. There is no obligation when choosing to have a free in-home estimate with our company.

Professional Service: The installers that come into your home are fully trained and experienced. This means that they will install your flooring in a prompt, professional manner with as little disruption to your activities as possible. Our installers show up as scheduled and complete the job as quickly as possible while still adhering to the highest professional standards so that your flooring or carpeting is installed correctly.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand behind our product which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our services. Our staff works with you to ensure that you are fully informed of what we are doing and will make the necessary changes along the way if something does not go correctly.

For over 20 years Flooring Frisco TX has built our reputation on providing the best customer service possible from the time you first call our offices until the flooring or carpeting has been fully installed in your home. We know that in order to stay in this highly competitive business that nothing short of providing the best quality services will do. However, we also understand that our reputation is only as good as the last customer that we serve. This is why we strive to always perform at our best for everyone who purchases and has installed flooring or carpeting from our company.

Our goal is to be your company when it comes to Frisco flooring for purchasing and installing hardwood, tile, laminate flooring and carpeting for the home. Call us today or fill out the contact form and find out why more people are choosing our services when it comes to getting the best in flooring and carpeting for their residences.