Flooring Contractors Frisco TX for Updating and Remodeling

Flooring Contractors Frisco TX

Fifteen years ago there were very few flooring contractors Frisco TX. We have been servicing the city of Frisco TX now for almost 20 years. We carry only the latest and greatest flooring material and give it to you for a commendable price. Our service for flooring in second to none as we always strive to make our customers happy. Let Us know whatever type of flooring that you like and we will provide a in home estimate for FREE.
Flooring Contractors Frisco TX

Updating and Remodeling

Are you wanting a more modern and up to date look for your home or condo? We have all of the latest trends of flooring. We will provide samples of all the latest materials whether you need carpet, pad, wood, or tile. We can help you customize the home of your dreams or just update existing carpet. We get a very special deal on Carpet from our warehouse in Dallas. We have all of the latest and greatest styles of frieze carpet at a deep discounted price. Call us today with questions or to schedule a free estimate. We will answer our phones 7 days a week, so if we don’t answer then leave a message.

Harwood Floors Frisco TX

When updating a lot of the houses in Frisco we are often asked for hardwood floors and laminate floors. We often get asked for recommendations on each. If you have a home that is going to have to take a little bit of a beating from pets, kids, etc., then we would recommend going with laminate floors. Laminate Floors are made these days where they are very similar to wood in appearance. Either way we will make you flooring contractors Frisco TX we can help to make it look excellent whether you want hardwood or laminate flooring. Contact Us today!!

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